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File: 1627878140790.png (94.20KB, 866x1024, Baka!.png)
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Baka! is just a cute little board~

1. You will not violate United States law.
2. Flooding is not allowed
3. go crazy, go stupid
4. ???
5. profit

File: 1631025642980.jpg (1.05MB, 2000x2000, ea899a258fe7f4b4ffaede007a6097ae.jpg)
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I posted my GFs nudes on baka.best a few weeks back, and its awesome to see they are finally gone.. even before that massive spamming, they were gone. fuck yeah
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>> No.2567  >>2575, >>2645
>you dont have an archive for baka
>> No.2575

is there one? where?
>> No.2645
i knew u were bullshitting. there isnt an archive of this board

File: 1631238003779.jpg (115.03KB, 700x987, aCM1MuE.jpg)
No.2541  [Reply]  >>2545, >>2644
Reading old manga..Reminded of all the experiences I missed out on growing up. No friends. No real memories to cherish. No one to look out for my back. Filled with so much hate and resentment. I wish I was 12 again. Is is too late to make friends now? I have this feeling it won't be as impactful. Something I've always longed for...
>> No.2542
>No real memories to cherish
>Filled with so much hate and resentment
same, just go to the gym bro, get fuarking huge
>> No.2545
1631260498067.webm (2.68MB, 360x240, 0:00, 1621757052042.webm)
>> No.2644
I'm scared of becoming like this, no offense to you, so what I try to do is live my life to the fullest every day. Take every opportunity given to you. With this mindset, I've stopped regretting missing out on things, as I realise there was little way I coulnd't have missed out on them

File: 1631183915379.gif (193.56KB, 389x297, lol_internet.gif)
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What other boards do you bakas browse?
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>> No.2614
1631580180121.png (484.55KB, 479x714, 8152cabcde6a1ab7236fbdc73e1d81e8eb8ba43bbc9da26dfa)

>> No.2637
>> No.2643
4chan ^v^

File: 1631636840563.jpg (12.23KB, 225x329, sel3.jpg)
No.2624  [Reply]
The annual independent SEL stream, American side. Tune in to https://cytu.be/r/thelainstream/ on September 21st 11:59 PM EST (2021-9-22 3:59 AM UTC) to watch Serial Experiments Lain with anons from all around the webring and beyond, English subtitles included. No sign-up required, just hop in!
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>> No.2636
>> No.2640
This is not true - sexual deviants will be promptly removed from the stream.
>> No.2642
won't be able to make it RIP, that's 5 am for yuropoors

File: 1631504023169.mp4 (2.57MB, 0:00, Mark Foster The Contender.mp4)
No.2588  [Reply]
No sé que me pasa quiero dejar de procrastinar de perder mi tiempo pero no puedo, yo recuerdo que cuando era adolescente siempre me gustaba aprender cosas nuevas siempre queriendo superarme, pero algo en mi cambio y me hice muy flojo, a veces me pongo a pensar sobre suicidarme y lo razonó y me doy cuenta de que si sería megor quitarme la vida y dejar de ser un estorbo, pero no me animo por qué pienso que tal vez no lo he intentado lo suficiente pero tiempo pasa y pasa y no hago nada
>> No.2611  >>2641
wtf esta bug el thumbnail, tinyib buggy como siempre
>> No.2641
1631857677097.jpg (31.42KB, 465x660, images (22).jpeg)

Es verdad lo que dice está persona

File: 1631557230530.png (3.70MB, 849x994, mpv-shot0039.png)
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evry tiem u see dis thred u reply oki
just whatevs b randon nd funne
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>> No.2613
1631572987914.gif (1.05MB, 209x116, 1630043965737.gif)
What? Look at that woman, is perfect. She is an evolved woman, but she fucks with the vigor of a man. You also have her cock that you can enjoy whenever you want.

>> No.2622
1631630514994.png (1.92MB, 1792x1004, Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 9.48.19 PM.png)
>> No.2638
oki doki

File: 1631612904374.png (580.26KB, 698x1080, 1542047270338.png)
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Describe your life in a pic.
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>> No.2631
1631696748335.png (311.10KB, 600x600, 0d9e00c4acaa8a0a3aecc840ccc53bdb.png)
>> No.2633
1631709840983.jpg (94.32KB, 2000x1125, aasdajskd.jpg)

>> No.2634
1631710146128.gif (16.13KB, 199x199, 3bc8fb00c7a14a779a497aa6634367ff0aee3e08d1d299cdd1)

File: 1630965243156.jpg (97.16KB, 600x808, bnhLNi31qd0ln0o.jpg)
No.1777  [Reply]  >>1834, >>2423
sombrio, humedo y oscuro lunes

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>> No.2616  >>2617
1631590578885.jpg (239.37KB, 1144x1920, 658367972.jpg)
ausente, perdido y frio lunes.

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>> No.2617  >>2628
1631592602061.jpg (100.86KB, 666x831, 1579373729879.jpg)
¿Como tiene esos magumbos teniendo ese bajo iindice de grasa corporal?

Si hay lolchanmuerto pero a la vez no, todo es una confusión. Solo revisa bien el otro hilo.
>> No.2628
Pos no'mas

File: 1631277112213.jpg (78.98KB, 679x575, 1000.jpeg)
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>> No.2595  >>2597
The creator of Matrix.
>> No.2597
Oh good
>> No.2615
the owner of Australia

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