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File: 1634872038746.png (77.00KB, 490x635, 640aeef1cf3c775055e196d20eeab0a4.png)
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This was the worst period of my porn addiction. I kept reciting the book of Corinthians on my bed. I kept grabbing my dick and thought it was about to explode. I thought it was okay to browse reddit and saw NSFW posts everywhere. I sat up and kept slapping my face until my tears started dropping down. I really don't know what to do. I was originally thinking about not to jack off today and just use YouTube to watch some random videos. Who knows that YouTube's trending page is full of bitches dancing and reacting. You know, I really don't want to watch this, this is like someone standing next to you and telling you to masturbate. How do I watch this stuff? You know those who made the algorithms and big data, they are really the evil of the earth. But eventually I watched them. Do you know why? Because my dick really can't handle it anymore. Before this, I used instagram and twitter or any platform I wanted to check stuff, they will recommend those shit to you sooner or later every day and every week. I mean really, fuck that, one or two days are enough. I wanted to cry after I watched those stupid shit. Then I got hard again and jacked off again. I really feel like this society is forcing you to jack off or commit crimes. You know, if I don't just stick to my phone, it's okay to hang out around. I went out to the restaurant and it was exposing bitches all around the place. I went for a hamburger, there was again a woman wearing nearly nothing next to me. I had to keep my head down and chew really hard to not look at her pale skin and her body. Suddenly my head went hot again and I thought I wasn't eating the burger but her giant tits. I went nuts and came in my pants. For fuck's sake, I'm really desperate. I need to find a home for my dick. God gives you a dick and you don't use it to fuck pussies but to masturbate every day. If god really knows that I'm using my dick like this, he might just take my dick back. I'm really going mad thinking about
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It is sometimes dependent. He studied books about the colonies. The suspicion and fear are suspected. He tells his absurdity to devastation, and his position was visible. Before the break, he sees the situation he sees. It is not known what he does. She is primarily interested in leaving the country and uses the service of youtube to observe some random films. Who knows that the side of the jotube is simply dancing. Like a dream, I really want to see, and I'm going to do and feel it. How to see this obstacle? He tells that the ci who produced the planet, and many data is actually a planet. He eventually sees them. What's You? Because of this, he does not care for him. Before I used each platform to collect instagrams and twitters, or to think that their results are advised each week and later. This causes destruction, and one or two days do not appear. If I wanted to call, I saw these traps. For the next time, it is difficult to stop. I think that like society, I must have to make it close or escape. I know that if I don't listen to my hands, it's just speaking. He traveled after his meals and emphasized his gifts in all places. She then came to darkness when she was almost a woman. I want to put the head and hard to see. I don't have doubts about the release and think that it is not a bribe, but it is a great privilege. He came into darkness and came to me. I feel disappointed. It needs two houses. He sacrifices himself and does not use this, but it is the day. If he realizes that he uses his penis, he can only express my penis. There is a reactivity on women daily. I think that women are my. I think that women show. We believe that women are women who are women who are in the Olympic Games. When I got a car, we are women. She thinks that women are dissatisfied when they work. I think that when you use a hand, I think that women. They are involved in women's activities on streets. They act against women in the throat. He runs on the road. She loves her best friends
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File: 1634901096757.jpg (14.93KB, 265x179, Screenshot_20210930-122405_Samsung Internet.jpg)
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1635226153369.jpg (20.50KB, 640x360, 1553043539_103121_1553048092_sumario_normal.jpg)

File: 1634901458958.jpg (92.03KB, 640x383, Screenshot_20211022-061504_Samsung Internet.jpg)
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Good morrning
>> No.3003
good morning anon!

File: 1634153717862.gif (381.43KB, 847x1200, 1633575788737.gif)
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based abby
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1634156888140.png (629.08KB, 1449x2173, 96c0612e44434d2a37dc0806471462a7.png)
anime abby
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1634566834727.jpg (271.93KB, 1745x2048, 8883f0c642b8869c6126de662541d04ea8caee234d2291d5c6)

File: 1632792004810.jpg (226.11KB, 631x1000, noble blonde.jpg)
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clean board in need of thread creators!
create your threads and get paid on replies and a healthy community :D
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1634346675965.jpg (101.13KB, 525x510, lolnada.org-1628987316276.jpg)

File: 1634256189419.jpg (50.48KB, 600x650, 11.jpg)
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File: 1633788276947.jpg (959.74KB, 1080x1080, 1632041566249.jpg)
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cool imageboard
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1633850440611.jpg (8.56KB, 228x203, QQ图片20210716180457.jpg)
>> No.2962
shut the fuck up
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File: 1634023053646.jpg (61.00KB, 849x591, 143382565626.jpg)
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I've got a concept I've thought of while visiting this site of the new board "/qa/"

I'm not sure how long this board has been around but anyway I'll spare you the boring bits and get to my concept XD

There is a person who answers questions and a person who asks questions. There are two of the, the former, "/q" and the latter, "a/"

These are not to be confused with the former "/q/," or the current and long-running "/a/" boards. I think it's easy enough, of a concept though it may be further simplified (or complicated!) by making it, say, a -tan who simply is afflicted by such phenomena as "word salad" or a crazy bum who talk to themselves. Bums for instance.

Please redirect me to another thread if it already talk aboutt his, and I'll go ahead and delete the thread. Here is a picture I drew of it:

Thank you for reading, and have a great day. :-D
>> No.2970
/q comes into a bar, and a/ is the bartender. /q leaves with a/ to his studio apartment, gets laid and wakes up to 35 dollars made out to her therapist in his refrigerator.

What does the a/ portion of "/qa/" think when she (can be appropriated to the male format as-per PC predelicts) applies for college? The link to her tumbler.

What does /q think when he meets a/ at 2chan.net text board? Nothing. Neither of them know how to speak Japanese.

What does a/ portion of "/qa/" give to her pet dog for breakfast? Milk because she only likes cats and don't understand that all domesticate animals enjoy not milk digestively. Heyyyy. Please excuse my poor english.
>> No.2971
This post has been deleted.

File: 1632790038255.png (918.65KB, 1816x2100, 1624008951538.png)
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got raided again it seems
TinyIB sucks but there is literally nothing good in its category, Trevor won't fix the bugs or add security and anti-flooding mechanisms, Trevor doesn't seem to manage a board of his own and that makes his priorities different from people that actually use the software. But you can't really blame him since no one donates. Thoughts?
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buuuuuuuu yo que te quería enviar un regalo
>> No.2916
ahora me interesa tu proposicion owo
>> No.2966
nevermind it's up I am dumb

File: 1633738561661.jpg (61.51KB, 720x720, 1633666728417.jpg)
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>> No.2963
what do you mean retard what do you mean what do you mean retard what the fuck do you mean what does it mean what why whaaat shut UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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1633925621354.png (101.58KB, 290x290, 290px-Watson_Amelia_-_Portrait_02.png)
She is amazing
>> No.2965
post her ass with her cheeks open

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